Our Goal

Employees need training on an annual basis, and we realize what a costly venture this can be!

Construction University’s Financial Assistance Reimbursement, or CUFA, will help facilitate industry training & education resources to our members.  Completing courses with Construction University as a member provides for reimbursement opportunities resulting in free or discounted education for their employees.


  1. Must be current SCCA Contractor Members, Allied Members, Associate Contractor Members or Signatory Affiliate Member companies.
  2. Applications for grant assistance will be evaluated by the SCCA Construction University Program Committee each month on a case-by-case basis
  3. Applicant or participant must be current on their membership dues.
  4. Applicant or participant must demonstrate that grant award will support the educational and training goals of the company.
  5. Members who paid their dues are eligible for at least 25% of your dues every year.
  6. Members who were not granted funds in the previous year are eligible for 50% of their current year’s dues.

To apply for reimbursement, click on the application below to begin.

Apply Now
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