Our Goal

Training for company employees happens on almost an annual basis, and we are aware this could be a costly expense to your company. C-TEC will help facilitate industry training & education to our members with partial grants. To apply for training grants, you can complete our online application and submit receipts/invoices for employee training within your company. Our Construction University committee will review each application for grant consideration. SCCA members can apply on an annual basis.

C-TEC will also be hosting various training classes at the SCCA office at no charge to your employees. Safety, Compliance, Administration/Legal, and Management classes are just a few options that will be offered. Keep in mind space will be limited.

The Rules:

  1. No funds have been granted in the previous year; your company is eligible for a minimum of 50% in the current year.
  2. If you were awarded last year, you are eligible for up to 25%
  3. Additional funds are available; the Committee has the discretion to round up eligibility to pay invoices in full.

Has your company received funds for training last year?


Eligible Amount >>


Year 2 – 25%, Year 3 – 25%, Year 4 – 25%

100% of Paid Dues in 4 Years!


Eligible Amount >>


Year 1 – 50%, Year 2 – 0%, Year 3 – 0%, Year 4 – 50%

100% of Paid Dues in 4 Years


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