SCCA’s C-TEC Program has a wide variety of benefits the program offers to our members. The most important is training and grant reimbursement for training your company may already do in-house. If that’s the case, we can offer your company reimbursement!

It’s easy – complete a grant reimbursement form by printing it or submitting it online, submit expense receipts along with the application and that’s it! Leave the rest to our Construction University committee for review and we will notify you once a decision has been made.

SCCA C-TEC also provides training and certification in our office. Below is a list of training/certification classes we have coming up. We are currently looking to add some additional skills classes for your office professionals like Negotiations, Communication, Accountability, Time Management, and Conflict Resolution.

Leadership Developement06/15/2022SCCA Office, Orange CA
CPR/First Aid Certification06/21/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
Leadership Development07/20/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
Competent Person Training07/26/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
Leadership Developement08/17/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
Fall Protection08/23/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
Leadership Development09/21/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
OSHA 3009/27/2022TBD
Leadership Development10/19/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
Confined Space Entry10/25/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
Leadership Development11/16/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
Sexual Harassment11/30/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
Leadership Development12/21/2022SCCA Office, Orange, CA
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